This powerful series begins by looking at the battles between our OLD and NEW natures as well as the two secret weapons we have available to fight with. Next you will learn about forgiveness and why it’s vital to exercise it in our lives. The third message discusses what it means to be faithful, and how God has called us all to a life of obedience. Last, you will discover the importance of keeping your eyes fixed on Christ despite life’s circumstances. Life can be tough; let’s fight with the right tools.


Part 1 - Who Are You Fighting?

Keith Loy

April 10, 2016

Part 2 - Who Are You Forgiving?

Keith Loy

April 17, 2016

Part 3 - How To Stay Faithful

Keith Loy

April 24, 2016

Part 4 - When The Hammer Hits

Reed DeVries

May 1, 2016