We are each uniquely and wonderfully made by God, and He created us for success. However, success in God’s eyes is different than success in the world’s eyes. Success with God begins with understanding who we are – our thoughts, choices, and what connects us to each other. We were created to love one another, to live with eternity in mind, and claim God’s promises. In the end, what is the legacy we are leaving behind? This series will walk thought the different elements of achieving God-designed success.


Part 1

Keith Loy

January 18, 2015

Part 2

Tim Valentine

January 25, 2015

Part 3

Keith Loy

February 1, 2015

Part 4

Keith Loy

February 8, 2015

Part 5

Reed DeVries

February 15, 2015

Part 6

Keith Loy

February 22, 2015

Part 7

Keith Loy

March 1, 2015