Congratulations on making the most important decision you can ever make. A relationship with Jesus will completely and totally change your life! As Jeremiah 29:11 states, God has a plan for your life. This isn’t because of anything we have done; instead it’s because of His incredible love for us that He sent Jesus!

Whether you’ve just made the decision to meet Jesus or recommitted your life to Him, we want to support you, and here are three things that are vital to your new walk: Relationships, God’s Word and Worshipping Together.

Relationships: Walking with others is so important. Whatever God is doing in your life, it’s always better when you’re not alone. We have LIFE Groups designed for New Believers as well as those who are growing in their faith. These are offered both in-person and online.

God’s Word: The Word of God transforms us when we spend time reading it on a regular basis. If you would like a copy of God’s Word, we would love to get one in your hands.

Weekly Worship: God gave us the local church to help us grow, serve, and live in relationship with one another. We highly encourage you, whether it’s online, on-demand, TV, or in person, to continue to connect with a service on a regular basis.


Baptism is a public declaration of what God is doing inside you. It’s about going public with your faith in Jesus and showing the world your commitment to Him. It represents the death of our old selves and being raised to life as new creations in Christ. If you would like more information about our next baptism event, or if you have any questions about baptism, click the button below.


We were never meant to do life alone. We need other people in our life to walk with us, grow with us, serve with, and for us to help as well. That’s why LIFE Groups are so important. LIFE Groups are small gatherings of people who meet in different places to grow and serve together.

These groups are where we pray for each other and support each other, and they take place at different times and days. Join a LIFE Group and make it part of your community.


Jesus said He came to serve, not to be served (Matthew 20:28), and we just want to follow His example. There are tons of ways for you to get involved – everything from serving behind-the-scenes to being on the front lines teaching kids. You can serve at home or onsite, on the weekends, or during the week. Simply click the button to get started!