In 2019, Celebrate Church provided the funds to dig ten wells in Liberia at a cost of $100,000 in conjunction with World Hope international. World Hope followed up the digging of the wells by showing the Jesus film in the same villages. Hundreds committed their lives to Christ as a result, and received the
Living Water.

Prior to the wells, the people in these villages drank water from nearby creeks and rivers contaminated by bacteria. Three out of ten children never lived past the age of five due to water-born illnesses. The ones who do survive are riddled with digestive illnesses and malnutrition their entire lives. In 2020, Celebrate Church sent a delegation of six to visit Liberia, to meet the people impacted by the wells and witness the effects of the work completed.


Jo Anne Lyon, World Hope International Ambassador and General Superintendent Emerita of The Wesleyan Church, provided this update on Liberia on June 4, 2020.

"Celebrate Church helped World Hope International rehab 15 wells in Liberia. Now 25,000 people have clean water, can wash their hands, and water their gardens.
The people of Liberia can’t thank Celebrate enough for life today! Also, some of these wells that were rehabbed were in the neighborhoods of some of our pastors. This literally saves them from diseases and helps them to continue to lead in their churches. Prior to rehabbing these wells, residents have been struggling to get safe drinking and had to walk to other communities with functioning hand pumps in search of safe drinking water. Some residents resorted to drinking from contaminated open wells, especially the poor."