Do you want your life to make an impact? Is God calling you to something more? We want to walk with you in the calling God is giving you. Celebrate Church in partnership with Southeastern University offers a unique education and learning experience.

Our education options offer a proven mix of classroom learning, hands-on ministry experiences, and a vibrant community, all of which will set you up for a life of impact.

These Biblical classes are taught by Dr. Keith Loy and other highly qualified leaders/teachers as directed. Each class is eight weeks (Tuesday nights from 6:30-9:30pm). They are taught live at Celebrate and also available via livestream for those at a distance.

Evangelism & Mission, Fall 2021. We will study the major methods of evangelism used throughout the history of the church and what that means for us today. We will focus on skills that can be developed to become an effective and relevant witness for Christ in this generation.

Holistic Disciplemaking, Spring 2022. This course explores biblical and practical methods of helping people find Christ, integrate into the life of the local church, and grow to spiritual maturity. Topics covered include outreach, personal evangelism, connecting people into the church, developing the discipleship process, small group leadership, spiritual coaching, and equipping and releasing in ministry.

The Church from the Reformation through the Modern Era, Spring 2022. This course examines developments within the church from the era of the Protestant Reformation through the modern era, from approximately the year 1500 through 2000 AD. What is the church? How did it start? What is our church heritage, and what is ahead for the church?

Introduction to the New Testament, Fall 2022. This course is a study of the political, cultural and historical world of the New Testament as well as a survey of the New Testament books. An emphasis is given to the life and teachings of Christ, as well as application of the other New Testament writings as a foundation for character and life in today’s world.

Old Testament and its Interpretation, Spring 2023. The books of the Old Testament will come alive as you gain a greater understanding and appreciation of God’s activities in the Old Testament world. You will also become acquainted with the key events, personalities, and institutions of the Old Testament. 

Christian Thought and Practice, Spring 2023. How do you apply God’s Word in daily practice? This class looks at the understanding of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, salvation, church, and Scripture. You will learn how this understanding is applied in Christian practices such as prayer, baptism, and spiritual disciplines in our world.



Earn one of the following degrees:

  • Associates of Arts in General Education
  • Associates in Ministerial Leadership
  • Bachelors in Ministerial Leadership

Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida offers excellent faith-based college academics, hands-on ministry training, and a Christ-centered community all for an affordable price. SEU has partnered with Celebrate Church to host an instructional site on our church campus.

Each class is 3 credit hours and can be applied toward a degree at SEU or a non-degree Certificate from Celebrate Church. Each class is $299.

This is a great option if you would like to participate in all the learning without assignments, grades, or credit. Each class is $80 (non-refundable).