“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick” (Luke 5:31)



Luke was a physician, and a dear friend of the apostle Paul.  The writing of hisgospel portrays the matchless life of Jesus, while his lettering of Acts gives us a splendid portrait of Christ’s message to all the world.  He was very humbled man, who loved people, and testifies to why he became a doctor in the first place.

And I believe the same of you.  We’re facing an unprecedented time in history, but we’re not facing it alone.  God has given us an incredibly army, of which you are – an army that will see us through.

So may I encourage you, as you fight this fight, first, acknowledge what a gift you are for such a time.  All those classes, all that time of study, all those test, the late nights, the all nights, brought you to this moment.  Thus, I would encourage you, to embrace your gift, and thank God for the gift you are to the world right now.  You may not feel like it during these times, but you are.  And may I add, a much needed gift.

Secondly, you’re not alone.  Again, you may feel that way, especially at this time, but you’re not.  There are those, like me, who are praying for you.  Asking God to give you strength beyond your years, wisdom as you venture into this unknown, as well as, a protection as you work among those who are vulnerable and sick.  You are revered, trusted, and honored.

Finally, may I encourage you, that God is for you.  He made you, created you, and gifted you for such a time, and I fully believe He will not fail you.  He will see us through, and will provide you with everything you need.  Thus, each day, awake with the knowledge of this reality, God is for you.



“Father, I’m so grateful for those who are battling on the front lines, specifically those in the medical field.  I ask for Your Divine favor, as well as, protection, as they shoulder such a burden and use their gifts to battle this virus.  Amen.”