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Everyone has a story, and every story matters. There is nothing more powerful than a changed life, and your story could be the catalyst of hope in the life of another.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sycamore, Meadows, Hispanic, African, and Online

  • In May, there were nine babies dedicated by their parents and families. This is an amazing partnership between Celebrate and parents as they commit to raising their little ones to know and live for Jesus. We each have opportunities to plant seeds and help them grow- from the earliest stages of life to kids who begin attending church at an older age; we can have an impact in every child God brings to us. Please join us in prayer for these parents and all our other Celebrate families as they walk through the journey of parenting and teaching their children about the love of Jesus.
  • A mom shared with a Celebrate KiDS leader that she was feeling nervous about sending her child with Autism to his new environment. The leader was able to share with her that we have a Success Ministry that would allow a one-on-one team member to go with him to aid in this transition. She was so relieved and shared how much it meant to her to have that peace of mind while she is attending service. An introduction was made between mom and some of our leaders from the Success team to begin fostering that relationship. This is a wonderful way to build a bridge between the church and the family while serving their needs to ensure everyone gets to hear the message.
  • A WIN from Celebrate YOUTH – a student begged their parents to be able to go to YOUTH camp because, in the student’s words, “I’m not just going to be in God’s army, I want to be a general!” Camp registrations are coming in rapidly and filling up. (Want to learn about camp? Click here).
  • Thanks to our God, more and more Hispanic people are realizing what God is doing in this community through Celebrate Comunidad Cristiana.  On June 1, 17 students attended the first meeting of a Hispanic YOUTH service!  Coming up, 7 people will be baptized.  Finally, we celebrate that there are 2 Hispanic LIFE Groups each with more than 20 people, meeting on a regular basis!

Church Plants
(* denotes churches in pre-launch phase)

Brandon, South Dakota

Celebrate Community Church
John & Dayna Semchenko

  • High School students are hosting a booth for a community event.
  • Adult YOUTH leaders are organizing a float in the Loyalty Day Parade.
  • A Men’s LIFE Group is leading a parade clean up team to serve the community after the Parade.

Dell Rapids, South Dakota

Quarry Rock Church
Milt & Maddie Borah

  • We had a couple weddings in May that brought visitors through the church; the visitors ended up coming back on a Sunday for services! We’ve had a really good month for visitors and several are coming back throughout the weeks.
  • Pastor Milt shares “Had a great visit with my mentor and pastor!  Pastor Keith was a great help in helping me to get my life back in alignment. The church and my family and myself have benefited already!”
  • A 13-year old boy named Ben asked me to help him love Jesus like his mom and dad do. It was awesome to lead him to Jesus! Baptism is being discussed.
  • Pray for a steady summer with enthusiasm and anticipation. June is a month that I spend a few weeks talking to husbands/dads/men to step up and be the men that God has called and created them to be. Pray that the guys really listen and apply and have the courage to step up!

Fargo, North Dakota*

Story Church
Wade & Chelsey Coffey

  • We began meeting in our new and improved location in West Fargo that has better visibility; potential to grow, launch, and host events; better parking; easier access; better sound and visuals; children’s environment right next door; etc.  It’s awesome!
  • Completed our rebranding for Story Church with a new logo, changed our domain and email addresses, and revised verbiage for website and social media.  This is for the purpose of reaching people in our community more effectively.
  • Everyone at Story Church served the Fargo-Moorhead community (and beyond) over a 3-day span for the Fargo Marathon event.  This is probably the biggest yearly event for the Fargo area as this is a Boston qualifier, bringing in people from all over the country and even Canada who travel here to race.  We wore our Story Church t-shirts as we served thousands of people.  I was given the opportunity to do the invocation of prayer and blessing from the main platform and big screens in front of thousands of people right before the race.  Because of this I was able to connect with the Mayor of Fargo, the Mayor of Winnipeg, the Governor of North Dakota, and the VP of Sanford all within a span of 30 minutes.  God is so awesome!
  • Prayer Requests: For continued financial provision for our family. For God to continue to help us grow wider in numbers and deeper in maturity as a church. For God to bring us the right people with the right gifts to grow our launch/core team and church. For more opportunities to engage the community and gain visibility.

Lake Andes, South Dakota*

Don Ryswyk

  • First time guests have been the norm in the month of May.
  • A young couple have been in regular attendance this month.  They have five kids.
  • Three children prayed the prayer of salvation with me last week in Sunday School.
  • Pray for someone to step forward to lead our children’s ministry here.

Omaha, Nebraska

Meadows Church
Monte & Jody Gannon

  • This past month:
    • We had 2 first-time decisions for Christ!
    • We had 16 first-time guests!
    • We started our ninth LIFE Group, which is our first women’s group!
  • Pray for our outreach event in June called Papillion Days.
  • Also pray that we continually look for opportunities to lead people to Jesus and His Church.

Pharr, Texas

Marv & Deanna Odegaard

  • The gospel is being preached, praise songs are being sung, and people are being blessed. This month a couple from Quarry Rock Church in Dell Rapids, who heard me fill in for Milt Borah one Sunday are coming to church here in Texas!! They are being blessed!! God is blessing us all so unbelievably well.
  • Bill Roth who fills in for Marv during the summer struggled physically for 2 months. 2 others from the church went and laid hands and prayed over Bill. Seeing healing coming.
  • Our choir put on a great musical event.
  • Much sickness among our people. Many prayers for healing were answered last month.

San Rafael, Mexico

Celebrate Community Church
Eliud & Brenda Garza

  • 5 first-time decisions for Christ in May
  • We have had attendance records in our LIFE Groups; average 60 people in each group!
  • 12 first-time visitors for the month.
  • Prayer:  Praise God, we will start putting the roof on our building this month!

Yankton, South Dakota

Celebrate Community Church
Jeff & Alane Todd

  • We had seven people take the step of becoming a member during our first “Home Plate” class.
  • God opened a door for us to move our Sunday gathering to a new location. We are now meeting at the Minerva’s Convention Center at the Best Western Kelly Inn at 10 am. The facility provides us more flexibility with our start time, fits our needs with KiDS ministry, and allows us room to grow.
  • Prayer requests: We would continue to reach the lost in Yankton. During the summer months, many people visit the Yankton area for camping and recreation. We hope to provide a place for them to worship when they are away from home.

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