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Everyone has a story, and every story matters. There is nothing more powerful than a changed life, and your story could be the catalyst of hope in the life of another.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sycamore, Meadows, Hispanic, African, and Online

  • In May, there were a total of 32 decisions for Christ, 13 Baptisms, and 28 First Time Guests! Lives are being changed.
  • A child with autism visited Celebrate KiDS for the first time and his parents were very nervous to leave him- they said he is nonverbal and typically doesn’t do well in new places. They were expecting to have to pick him up early because he would get overwhelmed. A team member buddied up with him and the boy not only stayed the whole service but was engaged in playing and by the end of service interacting with his peers. This was a huge win for the boy, his parents and the KiDS team in the environment!
  • The Hispanic Service had someone come to service who had no intention of coming to the church, but saw the sign outside. They needed prayer for healing. It was great to see how God brought them.
  • A first-time guest came to Meadows but was apprehensive as he felt like he wouldn’t fit in and wasn’t on the same level as others, as he had formerly served time in prison. A God moment happened when someone (who recognized him from prison) spotted him and was able to talk to them about what a church really is. We’re all on the same playing field – we all have things we’re dealing with whether expressed or not. He understood, and decided to attend the service. Later on, he shared how much he loved every aspect of the worship experience, and said “You’ll be seeing me again.”
  • In the last month, Celebrate hosted several guests (Tom & Jane Crick, and Rick Muchow). All three of them shared comments about how welcomed, accepted, and loved they felt. They enjoyed getting to know the volunteer teams and were super impressed with the teams! Thank you teams, for what you do. Your love overflows out of you and is abundantly shown to others!

Church Plants
(* denotes churches in pre-launch phase)

Billings, Montana*

Celebrate Community Church
Casey & Amanda Clausen

  • God connected us with two retired Wesleyan pastors that have committed to being prayer warriors and encouragement in my life.
  • Robert is someone we visited in the hospital last month. He is out of the hospital now and connected with the group. He shared that being plugged into the church is helping him greatly as he is learning to walk with God.
  • We are continuing to connect with the community. The chamber of commerce will allow us to register the church. This will give access to other community leaders, bring awareness to the church, and provide a multitude of benefits.



  • We will impact people’s lives by growing them in Christ.
  • Expand our team so we can launch

Brandon, South Dakota

Celebrate Community Church
John & Dayna Semchenko

  • We are averaging 260 in attendance.  13 families have indicated that they are FIRST TIME GUESTS this month. We had 3 first time decisions for Christ, and 1 baptism request.
  • Backpack program:  We are partnering with Feeding SD and Brandon Elementary for the new summer feeding program which is launching this summer. Twenty-four people have indicated interest in serving, and three people have stepped up to provide leadership.
  • Multiplying: We are starting the journey of starting a church location in Luverne, Minnesota. We have a couple that is called to pastor that church, and we are walking with them in a 15 month journey to launch that church.

Canton, South Dakota

Celebrate Community Church
Brian & Jennifer Loy

  • We are averaging 50 in attendance, had one person come to know Christ, and saw three new families join our fellowship this month.
  • We had 18 in attendance for Diamond Life.  6 in Home plate and the rest attended First Base.
  • We had a special Memorial Day Service and had 54 people attend.


  • Pray that we can continue to love the people of Canton through our service to them and the community.

Charleston, South Carolina

Residuum Church
Blaze & Alison Johnson

  • We are seeing new visitors come. We had 11 new visitors in 1 weekend! We are averaging about 50 people in attendance.
  • Kelli Jones — I met Kelli as we were setting up for the Easter Eggstravaganza.  She came the weekend after Easter with 7 of her grandchildren, and has been coming ever since. One of her daughters was a first time guest last week and she chose to Follow Christ, and start serving in our children ministry. Kelli is now bringing her grandchildren to help set up on Friday nights!
  • Daniel — we started to pray for Daniel in January specifically to come to church.  His brother has been very involved with us since launch and was praying for his brother.  Daniel started coming on the 7th and has not missed a Sunday yet.  Michael said that he never thought his brother would go to church.


  • That we would continue to be a church that God would trust with His people, help with set up so that Ali and I can start dating and meeting with others on Friday nights

Dell Rapids, South Dakota

Quarry Rock Church
Milt & Maddie Borah

  • We are excited to do work on our “Welcome” of our facility as we have some large projects like new roof and parking lot black top, etc.
  • 4 people gave their hearts to Christ in the month of May.
  • We started another life group in May so that brings us to 4 active life groups at Quarry Rock. Small number but we’ve never had 4 active groups before so we celebrate that.


  • Our attendance for May averaged 94. Numbers started to dip a bit as people were gone a lot traveling for graduations, etc. Pray that people will stay faithful to their attendance.

Fargo, North Dakota*

Story Church
Wade & Chelsey Coffey

  • We had 2 commitments, 8 recommitments, 9 deeper commitments, and 6 of those to sign up to be baptized in response to a commitment message.  Well, we rented a hotel pool and patio area for a baptism celebration on May 14 and 29 people came to celebrate that 10 people who got baptized!!
  • On May 21, our group donated 64 lbs. of food for the local Emergency Food Pantry that has been in desperate need.
  • We are starting a women’s and a men’s LIFE Group within the next 3 weeks that will meet evenings during the week.  3 women and 4 men have stepped up and out in faith, and said that want to co-lead and learn how to facilitate as LIFE Group leaders! We also have 8 people that have verbally committed to being children’s ministry leaders in rotation to launch this area!


  • Pray for the spouses of some of our attenders who are non-churched. None of them have a real relationship with God and are very cautious and skeptical of church.  However, they all have commented on how different our church is and that they are open to coming to join us for more “church” things/studies in next couple of weeks.
  • We are expecting a new child in our family, so pray for Chelsey’s health, and also for our job situations.

Omaha, Nebraska*

Meadows Church
Monte & Jody Gannon

  • Lots of incredible conversations with people who are non-churched or minimal attenders. Many are expressing a desire to come when the church launches. We launched our Facebook page and have about 370 followers.
  • Currently have 21 people attending, but have multiple families and individuals moving down to Omaha to join the church in the next 60 days. As we outgrow our current house we are meeting in, we already have a huge warehouse/breakroom that is available to us that will work great in the interim as we build up to October.
  • We have two life groups and weekly Sunday morning worship service.  We will be starting a third life group in 2-3 weeks.


  • Pray that I stay close to God and the vision He has given.  Pray for my family.
  • Pray for the team – current and those still coming.   Many are in the process of selling homes and looking for work so prayer in those areas would be great.
  • Pray for our 1st outreach event June 10-14 called Papillion Days.  We will have a booth with activities and prizes for kids and church information for anyone.  Goal is to build awareness and excitement and point people to our next event which will be in July.

San Rafael, Mexico

Celebrate Community Church
Eliud & Brenda Garza

  • We started our life groups already on Fridays. The first village we visited was El Mesquite where we had 41 people in attendance and 4 first time visitors. The second village we visited was El Cuije with 47 people attending and 7 first time visitors.
  • In the month of May only, we’ve had 7 new commitments and 12 people visited us for the first time. We are having water baptism service on Sunday June 11th, with 9 people wanting to be baptized.
  • Attendance wise, we’ve had a full house throughout the month of May. Average on a Sunday service is about 170. Wednesdays we are running and average of 100 people. Praise the Lord!


  • We are so excited to know that there are 2 groups of people from Celebrate coming this summer to help us out in the construction project. The people are really looking forward to the teams visits. Everybody wants to get involved in serving them.

Yankton, South Dakota*

Celebrate Community Church
Jeff & Alane Todd

  • We have been meeting every Thursday for LIFE group. We are going to start the Purpose Driven Life together, as this will be the first LIFE group we will do in Yankton. When we move, we will start with 2 groups.
  • We sold our house to a Celebrate family and we have put an offer in on a house in Yankton and it was accepted!! The offer was for FAR less than asking price, and they agreed to it, and let us wait to close until we got our 30 days of employment in Yankton. PRAISE GOD!!


  • Continue to pray for Jeff’s Master’s program. First three classes have gone well, and the next class will be an intensive, on-site five day course in the middle of June. Please ask for energy and focus.
  • We need to show 30 days of employment in Yankton before we can close on our house. This means we will either need to commute for a month or find a short term rent and then move again. Neither seem very desirable. Pray that all goes smoothly in starting both our jobs.

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