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Everyone has a story, and every story matters. There is nothing more powerful than a changed life, and your story could be the catalyst of hope in the life of another.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sycamore, Meadows, Hispanic, African, and Online

  • After being invited to come to Celebrate for over 2 years, a family came last month.  They checked their children in to Celebrate KiDS, listened to worship with Raine and the team, and were completely moved by the message.  Go God!
  • The worship team rallied around a team member, covering her in prayer, and we saw a miracle healing!
  • Celebrate Recovery has seen record attendance the last two weeks in September, with 93 and then 95 people!  We are so excited to see more and more people connecting with a community of people who are seeking God’s way for overcoming life hurts, habits and hang ups.
  • Divorce Care has 62 people enrolled in our adult program plus another 7 small group leaders, for a total of 69 adults.  DivorceCare for Kids has seen a high of 20 in attendance, with 4 adults serving in this area. People are finding help and hope from the pain of divorce because of DivorceCare.
  • We have seen incredible growth in the area of our LIFE Groups since the start of our RACEWAY series!  Now, 118 LIFE Groups are using the new RACEWAY curriculum.  This shows incredible unity as a church.
  • A grandma of a four year old boy shared with a leader how thankful she is for our children’s ministry and the impact it is having on her grandson. They have been bringing him to Celebrate since he was two and often thought because of how busy he is that he was not learning anything. During a conversation about the loss of a loved one recently he said to her “he is coming back” and so she began to explain that the person was not coming back. He told her again “no grandma Jesus is coming back” and it just amazed her. Know that you make a lasting impact in the one hour you have each week with these children and you are changing lives!
  • Celebrate YOUTH opened up sign-ups for YOUTH LIFE Groups and had 66 students already sign up! God is doing great things through our students and their desire to join these groups!

Church Plants
(* denotes churches in pre-launch phase)

Billings, Montana*

Celebrate Community Church
Casey & Amanda Clausen

  • Prayers were answered for a young man that has been connected with the church plant – he is successfully completing an in-patient program for drug addiction, and his plan is to continue meeting with the church.
  • Through a local nonprofit that aides homeless youth the church has been able to give away Bibles, which has resulted in a morning Bible study with several youths.
  • More relationships are being built within the chamber of commerce and Celebrate Church.

Brandon, South Dakota

Celebrate Community Church
John & Dayna Semchenko

  • Our focus this fall is on discipleship and disciple making.  We are developing this through our youth and adult leaders.
  • We had 38 students at our 9/27 youth training and kickoff. One parent texted, “Great decision. Impact has been made!” “Must have been an emotional night, my son had tears and was deeply touched.  He went right to his room and wrote a letter.  We talked afterwards.  Very good.”
  • More people are starting the serve: We have had 3 people express interest in singing and in the last two weeks, and a new drummer join the team. 3 people have indicated interest in serving in Kids.

Canton, South Dakota

Celebrate Community Church
Brian & Jennifer Loy

  • We are beginning Life Groups in October.  We will be starting with a husband/wife group then dividing from that as we establish more ministry groups.
  • Our Children’s Ministry is exceeding the area we have for it.  This is a true blessing. We are working to add additional children’s ministry area.
  • Two new families have joined our Celebrate family in Canton!
  • Prayer Requests: Pray for continued awareness that this faith journey we are on is not just a spectator event we watch others work at. We are called to be involved! May God lead us to an attitude of servanthood!
  • For God’s leading in Life Groups!
  • For God’s leading in volunteer’s for the children’s ministry area.

Charleston, South Carolina

Residuum Church
Blaze & Alison Johnson

  • We have started a men’s LIFE group. The group is consistent and it is growing.  People in our group come from various background of faith and no faith. we are having fun growing to know God more together.
  • I have had an opportunity to meet a pastor of an African American United Methodist Church, it is very close to the school we use.  We are talking about ways to help each other and “show” reconciliation instead of just “talking” about it.
  • Prayer Request: Please pray for our men’s group and for wisdom in partnering with this church.  Thank you for everything you guys do for us, your support is greatly appreciated.

Dell Rapids, South Dakota

Quarry Rock Church
Milt & Maddie Borah

  • We officially have leaders in all of our kids age groups all the way through high school!
  • September saw a lot of projects started and completed! New parking lot/lines painted. Remodel of the stage area. Exterior of church painted.
  • We are excited to begin work on our baptism pool and start doing baptisms right here at QRC!!
  • Prayer Requests: Pray for guests to pour in to QRC and that their hearts will be open to the message of Jesus and will trust Him!
  • Pray for spiritual fervor within leadership, ministry leaders and attenders of Quarry Rock!

Fargo, North Dakota*

Story Church
Wade & Chelsey Coffey

  • The implementation of Orange curriculum for the Kids Ministry has gotten them more engaged and learning on a more effective and accelerated level.
  • 9 people from our church attended the Experience/Purpose Driven Conference as a team.  It was a tremendous experience.
  • Several significant prayers of provision were answered again this month—answers that God used to teach and strengthen the faith of those in our church.
  • Prayer Requests: For the Holy Spirit’s continued wisdom and guidance for the direction of the Church.
  • For some upcoming financial needs for several people/families undergoing transition of jobs, school, and life circumstances—including those of us that are expecting babies in less than 12 weeks.
  • For God to connect us with more people that need to hear His Word, come to know Him, and experience His presence in their lives.

Lake Andes, South Dakota*

Don Ryswyk

  • We are building our launch team. We now have nine local people faithfully attending helping us launch.
  • We had 7 children and 3 adults make decisions for Christ in our first month of services!!

Omaha, Nebraska*

Meadows Church
Monte & Jody Gannon

  • We had nine decisions for Christ in September.
  • We baptized 14 people last Sunday at our final preview service!
  • Our church was able to give $840 to help hurricane victims in Houston.

San Rafael, Mexico

Celebrate Community Church
Eliud & Brenda Garza

  • Celebrate-San Rafael launched our first church plant,  a new church in Zacatecas, Mexico this month of October.
  • We have sent our first young men to Bible School. He says he wants to be a pastor. We surely will need him and many more like him.
  • God’s power is healing people with diabetes, cancer, tumors. Broken marriages being restored..
  • Prayer Requests: Our country is in shock after the earthquake last week. Thousands of people are homeless have lost family members.
  • Please pray for God’s provision for the roof in our church building. Construction has stopped due to lack of resources.
  • Pray for the church grand opening in Zacatecas Mexico.

Yankton, South Dakota*

Celebrate Community Church
Jeff & Alane Todd

  • We launched our first LIFE group in Yankton. We meet Tuesday nights at 7pm at our house, currently with three couples. We are following the RACEWAY series with Sioux Falls.
  • We had 14 people on our launch team to watch the Celebrate 11am online service together. A member of our launch team just opened a brand new facility, with a meeting room that seats up to 60.
  • Five of our team members were able to attend the Experience Purpose Driven conference together.
  • Prayer requests: Continue to build relationships and lead people to join us.
  • We would continue to grow closer to each other and find our roles in being Purpose Driven
  • For an Event we will be hosting sometime in October to reach more people and launch into Purpose Driven LIFE group series.

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