What is The Diamond Life?

At Celebrate, we believe the best way to live a meaningful life is to grow deeper in Christ through relationships with others. The Diamond Life journey consists of classes and resources designed to help you discover what God has purposed for you and where He has positioned you to do it. More than a membership class; it is our lifestyle.

What are the classes all about?

Base Classes

These five ‘core’ classes are designed to provide you with teaching and tools to grow in Christ, and with one another. These classes are held once a month, on Sunday afternoons from 2-4PM. During these two hour sessions, we gather together to experience growth in a corporate setting, learning from each other and furthering our journey. Base Classes include:

• Home Plate
• 1st Base: Me
• 2nd Base: We
• 3rd Base: He
• Pitcher’s Mound: Worship

Baseline Class

Baseline classes are special opportunities to go deeper on a specific topic. These classes are offered only once, and are generally on weeknights or Saturday mornings. Examples of Baseline Classes are:

• New Testament Overview
• Letters of Paul
• Praying Like Jesus

Home Plate is the starting point for The Diamond Life. This class will introduce you to the vision and heart of Celebrate, and walk you through what it means to be a part of the Celebrate family.

1st Base: Me is the second class in The Diamond Life. This class is all about you and helping you dive deeper in your spiritual walk with God, giving you practical tools to continue your journey.

2nd Base: We is the third class in The Diamond Life. In this class you will discover your personality traits, gifts, and purpose in life, and see how God combines them for the best fit in ministry.

As a part of your Diamond Life Journey, we encourage you to take the free Spiritual Gifts Inventory online, and bring the results with you to the 2nd Base class. This simple online process helps uncover areas in which you may be gifted to serve.

3rd Base: He is the fourth class in The Diamond Life. This class is all about Lordship, Lifestyle, and Legacy. We’ll help you discover how God can use all of us to grow the Kingdom.

Pitcher’s Mound is a part of The Diamond Life Journey, and is available to anyone who has been through Home Plate. This class will provide a Biblical foundation of worship as well as show how it relates to everything we do in our journey as believers.